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Andrew Paprocki <andrew at ishiboo.com> wrote:
 |I was hunting around for information when the Vaduz change was proposed and
 |while I didn't find anything related to Vaduz specifically, I came across
 |these very nice historical German documents that may be of use to others.
 |The first from a watch-makers journal in 1916 with many pages discussing
 |the adoption of "summer time" that year and reservations about it. There

That is interesting, thanks!
Not Hathi but the Sächsische Landesbibliothek – Staats- und
Universitätsbibliothek Dresden (SLUB) indeed has an online archive
that can be used to improve the German TZ entries before 1942 [1]
i think (online; maybe more in flesh)!

  [1] <http://katalog.slub-dresden.de/primo_library/libweb/action/display.do?ct=display&fn=search&doc=TN_libero_mab214510828&indx=4&recIds=TN_libero_mab214510828&recIdxs=3&elementId=3&renderMode=poppedOut&displayMode=full&frbrVersion=&dscnt=1&vl(174636822UI0)=any&scp.scps=SemanticThirdNode&frbg=&tab=default_tab&dstmp=&srt=rank&mode=Basic&dum=true&avgl-search-only-in=&tb=t&fromLogin=&vl(freeText0)=Uhrmacherzeitung&vid=SEM>

Interestingly the edition no. 40 that you've quoted is missing
there (but maybe they can interact with the New York library to
get at least in touch with the digital version), but besides it is
more complete.

I have a very slow internet connection, and the interface is
hyper-hyper, but i will dig into this in the upcoming time and
report back when i have a ready set of rules according to the
Uhrmacherzeitung.  (It may take some time, but i will.  Also,
blindly assuming they use official records themselve.)

Completely off-topic, but very interesting: in 1917 we have nice
topics like «Friede, der, in weiter Ferne» («Peace, the, in far
distance») and, on page 258, «Die wahre Kriegsursache» («The real
cause of war»): Prof[essor]. W. Wille has found out that there is
a relationship in between solar spots and major wars (from 1750
on)?  Uuh -- let there be more light!


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