[tz] New proposal to return Russia 10 time zones and adjust regions to the standard time

Alexander Krivenyshev wtz at worldtimezone.com
Mon Jan 20 15:19:32 UTC 2014

New bill on changing time in Russia was submitted today (January 20, 2014).
New bill will be more complicated than a simple  change clocks back to the 
winter time.

The proposals included:
- to change Moscow time zone to UTC+3 from current UTC+4.
- return Russia 10 time zones (today Russia uses nine  time zones).
- adjust each region to its standard time zone.
- no seasonal  time change (no DST).

If approved, the new bill will go into effect on October 26, 2014.

ITAR-TASS Novosti (in Russian)

Alexander Krivenyshev - WorldTimeZone.com

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