[tz] Possible DST Discrepancies for Manitoba, Canada

Patrice Scattolin patrice.scattolin at oracle.com
Mon Dec 7 14:57:58 UTC 2015

Have you considered contacting the Royal Astronomical Society of 
Canada?  http://rasc.ca/

There is a center (ie a local club) in Winnipeg and if anyone might know 
about Manitoba you should be able to find someone who knows about that 
there, or know who you should talk to. http://winnipeg.rasc.ca/

(their annual Observer's Handbook publication (starting publication in 
the early 1900's)  tracks the timezone boundary in Canada. I don't know 
when timezone tracking started in the OH but if you find the series (say 
in public or university library) the maps may give a indication as to 
what timezone were observed in Manitoba in 1960-1961.)

Astronomers (even amateur ones) care about time a lot so that would be a 
good place to start.

On 06/12/2015 1:34 PM, Rena B wrote:
> Across the board, I've come across a possible discrepancy that I can't 
> seem to let go off.
> The years 1957 - 1963 in the data base for Manitoba.  Winnipeg and 
> Selkirk both switch for those years appropriately, but none of the 
> other Manitoba towns I've tried have.  My birth date is June 1957 in 
> one of the town and I cannot find out if DST was province wide for 
> that year.
> I believe there were 2 years in this time frame that Winnipeg did not 
> subscribe to DST (1960-61).
> Would very much appreciate if you have the resources to look into 
> this?  If the rest of the towns in Manitoba followed Winnipeg/Selkirk, 
> then there is a large error margin happening.
> Regards,
> Rena Bergman
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