[tz] Brazil will not extend DST

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Thu Feb 12 13:34:01 UTC 2015

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> > Watts J. Brazil’s worst drought in history prompts protests and 
blackouts. The 

> > Guardian 2015-01-23. 

> > http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jan/23/brazil-worst-drought-



Brazil will not extend DST

Governo se pronuncia sobre impasse envolvendo horário de verão


Last week, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Eduardo Braga, said the 
government was studying extend for another month the summer time due to the 
crisis in the electricity sector. Today, Feb 12, 2015 he reported that 
after a meeting with President Dilma Rousseff, it was decided that daylight 
saving time will not be extended.

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