[tz] America/Metlakatla now follows Alaska

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Tue Nov 10 17:47:26 UTC 2015

On Nov 10, 2015, at 9:06 AM, TechOps <techops at serrc.org> wrote:

> Hi Folks - we do IT for the school in Metlakatla. How long does it take once the patch is made for it to filter out to servers?

Your servers, or somebody else's servers?

For your own servers, for the system's tzdb files:

If your system has zic on it, and you download the updated files and run zic on them, it takes as long as it takes you to do that. :-)  zic should install them in the official system locations for compiled tzdb files by default.

If you don't have zic on your system, or you don't download them and run zic on them, but wait for the vendor to provide an update, it takes however long it takes that vendor to make such an update; we can't tell you how long that'd be, the vendor would have to do that.  If the vendor has a mechanism to provide updates very quickly, as, for example, some (perhaps most) Linux distributions do (Ubuntu and Fedora, for example, don't seem to have dot-dot releases, they just update individual components as necessary), that could happen quickly.  If they don't have such a mechanism, it could take longer.

That will update the system's files; if some other software on your system has its own compiled files, you'd have to figure out where they are and replace them, or wait for the vendor to provide an update.

For somebody else's servers, those questions all apply, except that you don't get to install the updated files yourself, so it depends on their vendors *and* their own internal IT organization.

> The town let us know about the change after they made the decision so we didn't have a chance to prepare. Many of the devices are set to use location to determine timezone, so we're looking forward to Metlakatla's info being updating in participating servers (namely Apple's).

"Apple's" as in "you have Macs running OS X and OS X Server at your school, and you want updates for those local servers", or "Apple's" as in "Apple's own servers for iTunes and iCloud and so on"?

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