[tz] 2016c on illumos - problems with new Russia entries

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri Apr 8 16:35:46 UTC 2016

    Date:        Fri, 08 Apr 2016 11:30:02 -0400
    From:        Random832 <random832 at fastmail.com>
    Message-ID:  <1460129402.1466259.572995465.27BE1D79 at webmail.messagingengine.com>

  | I don't understand how that answers my question, of why there are no
  | binary packages, provided by this project, of the binary timezones. I
  | don't see what other purpose could be served by having the binary format
  | be architecture-independent.

The binary format is simply a reference implementation, it serves to
demonstrate that it is possible to use the supplied data to produce the
supplied results.

This project is not concerned in any way with any kind of distributions,
it is a data collection group - we collect data about timezones, and publish
it in a standard format for others to use.


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