[tz] Time zone selection

Random832 random832 at fastmail.com
Fri Apr 22 18:36:11 UTC 2016

On Fri, Apr 22, 2016, at 13:42, Matt Johnson wrote:
> Well, "historical" as of when? Let's assume we had zone-now.tab already
> and follow Asia/Tomsk as an example.  It would show up in the list in
> 2016d as it was added. Let's say 2016e doesn't come out until June, at
> that point it would be removed from the list because it's only historical
> since there's another Russian zone with the same fixed offset.  So how
> useful is this really?

I don't think Asia/Tomsk should be added to zone-now.tab, in this
situation. It is *born* as a "historical purposes" zone, and should
never be presented as an option for someone configuring a new system and
not caring about historical timestamps.

Basically (to put it on grounds I am more familiar with), if some county
in northwest Indiana switches from Eastern to Central time, as they are
wont to do, the new zones are created for people who care about
historical timestamps, but for people who don't they should simply
switch from America/New_York to America/Chicago without ever glancing at
the America/Indiana/* directory.

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