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Yes, but that is not true for all the times where this source states 25.
According the the official publications of the decrees mentioned, the legal
length of the day is 25 hours (and the change happens at 25) on
1918 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1918/266/A00830-00830.pdf)
1919 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1919/266/A00992-00992.pdf)

but the change happens at 24 on
1924 (see  http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1924/269/A01496-01496.pdf)
1926 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1926/100/A00194-00195.pdf)
1927 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1927/272/A01776-01776.pdf)
1928 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1928/092/A00004-00004.pdf)
1937 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1937/268/B01214-01214.pdf)
1938 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1938/274/B00002-00002.pdf)

and it happens at 1 on
1929 (see http://www.boe.es/datos/pdfs/BOE//1929/107/A00295-00295.pdf)

Carlos Perasso

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 7:45 PM, Tim Parenti <tim at timtimeonline.com> wrote:

> On 13 December 2016 at 17:10, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
>> I see "25:00" only in the tables, not in the text.
> On the contrary, "25h" is referred to a couple times in the text, and
> based on the following Google translations (emphasis added), it does seem
> its usage was official in 1918–1938...
> page 384–385:
> En el periodo 1918-1938 los avisos de cambio de la hora oficial se
> realizaron con muy escasa antelación, de unas pocas semanas e, incluso, de
> días (por ejemplo, en 1929). Además, al realizar los cambios de modo que la
> nueva hora coincidiera con la medianoche, *el día de otoño en que se
> recuperaba la hora normal se extendía oficialmente hasta las 25h00min.*
> In the period 1918-1938 the notices of change of official time were made
> very short notice, a few weeks and even days (for example, in 1929). In
> addition, when making the changes so that the new hour coincided with
> midnight, *the fall day in which the normal time was recovered was
> officially extended until 25:00.*
> page 387:
> Desde 1974 hasta 1977, una orden anual de la Presidencia del Gobierno
> establecía el inicio del periodo de verano a finales de marzo o principios
> de abril, pasando las 23h a ser las 24h, y su conclusión a finales de
> septiembre o principios de octubre, *día en que las 25h pasaban a ser las
> 0h del día siguiente.*
> From 1974 to 1977, an annual Order of the Presidency of the Government
> established the beginning of the summer period at the end of March or
> beginning of April, from 11 pm to 12 pm, and its conclusion at the end of
> September or beginning of October, *day In which the 25h went to be the
> 0h of the following day.*
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> Tim Parenti
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