[tz] Anecdotal discrepancy for Navajo nation in Arizona

Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Wed May 25 02:40:24 UTC 2016

At 05:55 PM 5/24/2016, Arthur David Olson wrote:
> > ...it might be worth checking if anyone has any sources inside 
> the Navajo nation.
>The source used back in 1987 (using--ahem--snail mail) was the Inter 
>Tribal Council of Arizona: <http://itcaonline.com/>http://itcaonline.com/.

A very complex area:

 From http://ontimezone.com/exceptions.php:

Even though Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time, the Navajo 
Indian Reservation (which takes up most of northeastern AZ) does 
observe DST. To add to the confusion, the Hopi Indian Reservation, 
which is wholly enclosed within the Navajo Reservation, does NOT 
observe DST. Confused? We're just getting started.
    * Consider also that the Navajos have an enclave containing the 
village of Jeddito, entirely within the Hopi reservation. And that 
the Hopi reservation has an exclave at Moenkopi, just south of Tuba 
City. Still not confused?
    * Some of the businesses in Tuba city (within the Navajo 
Reservation) reportedly do not observe Daylight Saving time, so as to 
avoid confusing the tourists. Good luck with that. At least that puts 
them in sync with their Hopi neighbors across highway 160 in Moenkopi. Got it?

Steve Jones

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