[tz] Anecdotal discrepancy for Navajo nation in Arizona

Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Wed May 25 15:55:22 UTC 2016

At 10:53 PM 5/24/2016, Brian Inglis wrote:
>Federal facilities and areas within AZ are subject to federal
>legislation so they too observe DST.

Federal legislation deals with time zone borders, not DST observance.

DST observance is a state (and Indian) matter.  Only AZ and HI have 
decided not to observe.  Federal facilities located in those states 
therefore do not observe DST.  Everything from national parks to post 
offices to federal polling places.

Indian nations are deemed to have similar authority - and that it 
supersedes that of the state in which they are located.  So on 
reservation lands the Navajo decision to observe DST trumps the AZ 
decision not to.  Federal facilities inside the Navajo reservation 
observe time per the Navajo authority instead of the AZ authority.

There are also exceptions to federal facilities deviating from 
official local time.  The only one I knew of before today was 
Guadalupe Mountains National Park, which observes Mountain time 
despite being mostly located in the Central time zone.  Today I 
learned of the Dangling Rope Marina exception.


Steve Jones

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