[tz] Asia/Tomsk

Victor Sudakov vas at mpeks.tomsk.su
Wed May 25 17:19:08 UTC 2016

Random832 wrote:
> > 1. zic warns that 'warning: time zone abbreviation differs from POSIX
> > standard (+06)'
> > 
> > 2. Such an abbreviation is not user friendly and even borders on
> > offensive. A locality deserves a name!
> What is this time zone called in Russia? 

So far we have used the Asia/Omsk (OMST) or Asia/Novosibirsk (NOVT)
time zones, so I don't think this new time zone has a name yet.

On Cisco routers, I have often named it TSK/TSD, but that's probably
just me.

Should we perhaps name Asia/Tomsk "KRAT" because it will be identical to
Krasnoyarsk since 2016 May 29, and was identical to "NOVT" before that?

> As I understand it, the issue is that people don't like the idea of
> the tz project just making these things up anymore.

As a member of the public, I don't like the idea of the tz project
calling my time zone <+07>  :-)

Do you suggest I should interview Tomsk sysadmins about the possible

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