[tz] Asia/Tomsk

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Thu May 26 09:08:14 UTC 2016

On May 25, 2016, at 10:19 AM, Victor Sudakov <vas at mpeks.tomsk.su> wrote:

> As a member of the public, I don't like the idea of the tz project
> calling my time zone <+07>  :-)

As a member of the tzdb project (albeit one whose main effort was ages ago), I don't like the idea of expecting people not necessarily from the locale of a tzdb zone to pick abbreviations for times in the zone and then deal with complaints from people from that locale. :-)

> Do you suggest I should interview Tomsk sysadmins about the possible
> name?

Asking people from the Asia/Tomsk tzdb zone is certainly better than expecting people *not* from that zone to pick an abbreviation.  It looks as if there's no daylight savings time, so only one abbreviation is necessary.  Just make sure you pick an abbreviation to which nobody within that zone will object to, so we don't have to forward their complaints to the people who picked the abbreviation.

Note that the abbreviation must not use characters other than "alphanumeric characters from the portable character set in the current locale, the <plus-sign> ( '+' ) character, or the minus-sign ( '-' ) character", as per the description of TZ in


and the description of the tzname array in


(Paul, is the idea that you could have an abbreviation such as "EST+3", not just something like "+03"?  And what does "the portable character set in the current locale" mean?  Isn't the portable character set:


supposed to be the characters present in *all* locales?)

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