[tz] [Russia] Saratov region is moving to UTC+4 at [preliminary] Nov 27, 2016

Yuri Konotopov ykonotopov at gnome.org
Mon Nov 7 20:28:51 UTC 2016

04.11.2016 22:54, Yuri Konotopov пишет:
> 04.11.2016 22:12, Paul Eggert пишет:
>> Although that evidently didn't happen and presumably the transition
>> date has changed, I couldn't see any later proposed date on
>> duma.gov.ru. (Sorry, my Russian is a bit rusty.)
> Date Nov 27 was proposed by State Duma's Health Committee (according to
> mass media)

Project card was updated [1] by Duma's Health Comitee. Time Nov, 27
02:00 was officialy proposed to 2nd and 3rd State Duma's reads.
2nd (and hopefully 3rd) read should occur at Nov, 11.


Best regards, Yuri Konotopov

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