[tz] [PATCH] Change abbreviation of Sri Lanka standard time to SLST

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Wed Oct 19 20:36:58 UTC 2016

On Oct 19, 2016, at 3:40 AM, Karel Volný <kvolny at redhat.com> wrote:

> I'm afraid you're missing the point here (if I got Pavel right, the next answer doesn't shed much light even) - the problem is that tzdb maintainers refuse to provide *English* abbreviations for non-E countries
> ah, okay, scratch that,

Yes, good idea, because (unless Strine isn't considered a form of English :-)) there's at least one E country for which the abbreviations have been disputed - a while ago, there were discussions about what the proper abbreviations were for Australian time zones, and I'm not sure the discussions led to any conclusion.

I don't think we should provide abbreviations that aren't commonly used; we definitely shouldn't be *inventing* them.

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