[tz] Definition for timezone Asia/Urumqi and Asia/Kashgar, CST, and other questions about Chinese timezones.

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Sun Jan 1 04:28:00 UTC 2017

1. Currently, Asia/Urumqi and Asia/Kashgar are defined as UTC+6, covering
most of Xinjiang and Tibet. However, from brief search result, I cannot see
any indication about the UTC+6 usage by ethnic non-han in Xinjiang also
exists in Tibet, and Lhasa resident daily activities are apparently only
one hours later than those in inner China too. The official announcement
about UTC+6 usage in Xinjiang also does not cover Tibet. Thus it seems like
those UTC+6 timezones in tz database should not cover Tibet. However, there
might be some undocumented official announcement or on the ground usage
that I does not notice and require further validation.
2. Actually, which file define the boundary of timezones in tz database? I
see they are in comments for China but how about generally?
3. And given Asia/Urumqi is currently defined differently from
Asia/Shanghai, and Maoming, Guandong is now using UTC+8, no matter what
historical reason might be behind the consideration of putting Maoming,
Guangdong in Asia/Urumqi, its current time usage along should have
justified putting it in Asia/Shanghai instead
3.a. In http://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2006-July/013704.html , it said
Maoming and etc. are in Xinjiang tinezone with data from astro.com but I
cannot find anywhere on the site that include historical timezone info and
what are their sources?
4. as the name "Central Standard Time" in China was created by ROC, the
current main use of this term is for the time in Taiwan and thus it might
be unsuitable to use the name for timzone in mainland china area.
5. Why there are 5 different zones in China when the theory file say "if
all the clocks in the region have agreed since 1970, don't bother to
inclide more than one location even if subregions' clocks disagreed before
1970" ?
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