[tz] Turks & Caicos to resume DST; details unclear

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at SystematicSw.ab.ca
Sun Jul 23 01:54:44 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-22 19:14, Paul Eggert wrote:
> According to an article published in the Bahamas website Magnetic Media, the
> cabinet of Turks & Caicos decided on Thursday to resume the practice of daylight
> saving time starting in 2018. The article does not give enough details to update
> the database (it confuses summer with winter time, among other things). My guess
> is that Turks & Caicos will revert to its pre-2015 practice of staying in sync
> with New York, which means that tzdb's predictions for its UTC offsets will
> become wrong in November 2018, and the abbreviations and tm_isdst flag will
> become wrong some time between March and November 2018 (although the article
> implies April, this could well be an error).
> When the cabinet and/or the Turks & Caicos Weekly News get around to publishing
> the details of the decision, we should be able to update tzdb to reflect this
> change with some accuracy.
> Gordon Z. PDM to reinstate Daylight Savings Time. Magnetic Media 2017-07-20.
> http://magneticmediatv.com/2017/07/pdm-to-reinstate-daylight-savings-time/
> ("PDM" is the People's Democratic Movement.)

TCI is a British Overseas Territory governed by the FCO.
See point 9 about the middle of the page; no more useful details for now:


based on:


More official details should appear under one of these sites.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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