[tz] FW: Beginner's help request

Daniel Ford dfnojunk at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 00:45:59 UTC 2017


Yes, it is unclear whether your suggestion about executables would work, but
I'll probably not try.  My provider gives good support despite the pittance
I pay them, and I don't want to upset them.

I'm assuming their reasoning is that allowing users to run 'unknown'
executables could potentially crash their server, disadvantaging unrelated
users sharing that server, and I think that's a reasonable restriction in
the circumstances.

Thanks for the correction regarding cp versus cat (showing my Linux
ignorance).  I misunderstood one of the Linux references I read, where it
showed multiple files being copied with cp.  I now understand that simply
copies all the source files *individually* to a destination directory, not
concatenating them.  So 'cat' it is!


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