[tz] Time zone Asia/Qyzylorda

Alexander Konzurovski alexander at konzurovski.com
Thu Dec 20 20:46:45 UTC 2018

No, the time zone of Qostanay did not change and Asia/Almaty can be used 
for Qostanay. In the decree the border of division of time zones 
according to the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is specified 
(Paragraph 3). You can trace this border on the map 

   UTC+5   |  UTC+6
           | SOUTH KAZ

On 21/12/18 02:12, Paul Eggert wrote:
> On 12/20/18 9:17 AM, Alexander Konzurovski wrote:
>> Qyzylorda Region (Asia/Qyzylorda) is changing its time zone from UTC+6 
>> to UTC+5 effective December 21st, 2018. The legal document is located 
>> here: http://adilet.zan.kz/rus/docs/P1800000817 (russian language).
>> Accordingly resolution the time zone must be changed on December 20 
>> 18:00 UTC.
> Thanks for the heads-up. Unfortunately this was not much notice, as the 
> change occurred less than 45 minutes after you sent your email, and this 
> was before I read the email. So the proposed tzdb patch (attached) is 
> for both past and future timestamps.
> Did Qostanay (also known as Kostanay or Қостанай) also change? The 
> proposed patch assumes Qostanay did not change, as this is what Google 
> Translate implies from the URL you sent. But if this is incorrect and 
> Qostanay also changed, that would make the patch smaller as we can then 
> avoid creating a special Zone entry for Qostanay.
> I suppose we'll need a new tzdb release soon for this.

Alexander Konzurovski

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