[tz] OpenJDK/CLDR/ICU/Joda issues with Ireland change

Yoshito Umaoka yoshito_umaoka at us.ibm.com
Fri Jan 26 17:53:42 UTC 2018

> This is also helpful. It suggests that we can fix the short names at the 

> CLDR level by removing the text "<daylight>IST</daylight>" from the 
> en-IE locale. That way, implementers can fall back for Irish time in 
> Ireland the same way that they fall back for Irish time in the US (or 
> for US time in the US, for that matter).
> This leaves the long names, but there is a simple workaround for that, 
> too. We can change the long names for standard and daylight saving time 
> in Ireland to be just "Irish Time". This string will work regardless of 
> whether UTC+00 or UTC+01 is considered to be standard time in Ireland, 
> so it will be portable to both the current and the proposed tzdb data. 
> Although it is not ideal for either the old or the new approaches, it is 

> a reasonable compromise that is compatible with both.
> So: how about the attached patch to CLDR? I have not tested this: I'm 
> just suggesting it as an idea for moving forward. If this patch does not 

> work, I hope that a similar patch would work.

CLDR set an assumption that standard and daylight names must be different.
So the patch does not work. (BTW, you might disagree that we set such
assumption. I think TZ database does not prohibit a same abbreviation
used for standard and daylight at a time, although it is unlikely.)

Paul, I really appreciate your thoughtful thinking for this issue.
I read through suggestions from various people in this mailing list.

In my honest opinion, the best option for us (as CLDR project contributor
and consumer) is that TZ database to give up the change resulting
standard/daylight name swapped for Ireland. But I also understand TZ
database wants to fix the mistake introduced long time ago.

If TZ database project insists to make the change, CLDR project has to
decide whether we should swap standard/dalight name in CLDR, and if
we do, when is the right time (CLDR has 2 official releases every year,
although time zone related metadata (not display names) are updated
in repository when necessary).

Since this issue came up, we really did not have chance to talk about
this topic deeply in CLDR project, because we're currently busy on
cleaning up updated locale data (not just for time zones) for next
release (CLDR 33, March). Please let me bring this topic to CLDR project
team. We want to discuss possible options and impacts there. I cannot
simply tell you we're going to do without other technical committee
members' agreement.


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