[tz] EU Public Consultation on summertime arrangements

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Wed Jul 11 07:07:29 UTC 2018

Le 11/07/2018 à 00:05, Brian Inglis a écrit :
> Most people are probably not that aware of European geography [...]

Taking the world as a whole, you are no doubt correct, but most of the 
people at the EU who will be reading Paul's submission will be perfectly 
aware of European geography!

>> I don't see the relevance of "Schengen area" - all current and potential
>> Schengen area countries are either EU or EEA/EFTA members.
> The Schengen Area also includes non-EU/EEA/EFTA countries Monaco, San Marino,
> and the Vatican, which have not signed the Schengen agreement, but have no
> borders, so are de facto included.

While these three countries are indeed de facto within the Schengen area 
due to the lack of border *controls* — they do still have borders ;-) — 
it still seems (at least to me as a European) very odd to mention 
Schengen purely in order to include its *non*-signatories, especially as 
the next item in the list is in any case the all-inclusive "other 
countries not in the EU".


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