[tz] EU Public Consultation on summertime arrangements

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Wed Jul 11 11:51:55 UTC 2018

Le 11/07/2018 à 12:48, Clive D.W. Feather a écrit :
> Paul Eggert said:
>> For example, if France decides to stay on UTC +02 all year, many
>> English-language systems would likely call France???s new time zone
>> ???Eastern European Time (EET)???, due to the long association
>> between EET and UTC +02. The EU should suggest this terminology (or
>> some other terminology, if it prefers) to help interested parties
>> discuss and understand the new timekeeping clearly.
> I've figured out what is bothering me about this wording.
> The point we're trying to get across is that the new French zone
> should *NOT*  be called "CET" because many systems will associate
> that with UTC+01. So we need to (a) say this explicitly and (b) be
> clear that "other terminology" mustn't include CET (or CEST, for the
> reason given earlier).
As an interested outsider to the TZ project, what bothers *me* is that, 
should a number of countries in central Europe decide, under 
hypothetical new EU arrangements, to shift from UTC+01/02 to year-round 
UTC+02, they would be advised against retaining the "Central European 
Time" label.

Surely there are ways for TZ and other existing systems to accommodate 
such a change in the meaning of a time zone name?


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