[tz] Getting current tzdb version in use

Paul Goyette paul at whooppee.com
Sat Jul 21 05:42:03 UTC 2018

On Sat, 21 Jul 2018, Tom Lane wrote:

> Brian Inglis <Brian.Inglis at SystematicSw.ab.ca> writes:
>> Expecting distributors to change their packaging scripts, except when you make a
>> change which breaks the process, won't happen: some distros package only the
>> .tab files and the zic binaries, some include the changelog, Debian etc. still
>> include leap-seconds.list, others include leapseconds, some include tzdata.zi,
>> some include various selections of uppercase named and .html docs, none include
>> version.
> This seems unduly pessimistic to me.  If zic writes an additional file
> into the target directory, that would probably automatically get included
> by most packagers --- it'd look no different from a new zone file.  And
> I doubt many packagers are left who haven't set things up to just
> automatically include new zone files.  ...

NetBSD would not automatically install an additional file.  The build 
process is very explicit about which files get copied to the build's 
destination directory;  it is also very selective in what files it 
includes in the .tgz "distribution set" files.  Manual intervention is 
needed to update these steps.

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