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Paul Eggert wrote in <a7d0bc5e-54ff-e000-6431-b870658e803a at cs.ucla.edu>:
 |Howard Hinnant wrote:
 |> I might as well quit trying and just go home and watch reruns.
 |Hogan's Heroes is my rerun of choice. Its main point is to show that \
 |the evil, 
 |corrupt, and powerful Germans were incompetent fools. The real world \
 |should be 
 |more like Hogan's Heroes.

Ach!  Sigh!!!  The thing is, i am reading specific books in my
launderette, something that can be gobbled in that place.  The
last was the nice Stevenson's Treasure Island, before that
Dickens, but now i unfortunately turned to that Tory! Tory!!
Tory!!! Mr. Defoe and his "The Life and Strange Surprising
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe ... With An Account how he was at
last at strangely deliver'd by Pyrates", published in Anno Domini
1719.  And to me it is anything but appealing if a man who desires
all the freedom for himself points a weapon at your head, and is
willing to make use of it.  All or nothing, take it or leave it,
and that on page 30 of the german translation, and even after
having been given a run around on the prior pages .  And i know it
will not get better.  From a man who helped overthrowing his king,
and went bankrupt several times.  Obviously being convinved to be
justified, being on the right track, not having a need to reach
out for a wider context etc. etc. etc.  That is from 1719.

Is not, hmm.  Over a hundred years ago we a.k.a. the humans have
had a good time ("Belle Époque", and, of course: generally
speaking), and many good things have been developed or explored.
For example Anthroposophy, which possibly for the first time could
have led the white race to be en par with bushmen regarding
holistic integrity and sustainability.  Of course it did not, it
is us, not them.

I am always stunned about the fact that parts of the research
institutes that were collected under the name Kaiser-Wilhelm ("let
there be more light!", maybe he was pink, but i would not say that
in public) now, under the aegis of the empire, firm under the name
Fritz Haber.  Of course he won the Noble Price (at a time when
this was worth more than it is today, imho) by giving fertilizer
to our civilization.  But he also endorsed chemical warfare, and
supervised the very first, and further such actions in WWI.

And i admire and adore his wife, the beautiful Ms. Clara Immerwahr
(which can be translated to "Clara AlwaysTrue") very much: she was
the first woman who did a doctorate in Germany, and magna cum
laude.  She shot herself in the head in the garden of her house on
the day after he returned from supervising the first use of
chemical warfare, and what can be heared is that she did so
because she wanted to use research to help the people.  Such
a dedication, and purity of heart and soul.

I am from Darmstadt, and the last tsarina was Alix von
Hessen-Darmstadt.  Exactly a hundred years (and five days) ago she
and her entire Family have been murdered.
They all have been canonised.  Because it matters.  Our Duke
Ernst Ludwig of Hessen-Darmstadt is my rerun of choice, he built
so many schools, waterworks, churches and minsters, there was art
and beauty, heart and soul.

 |I recently watched its episode "The Antique" (first aired 1969-12-12), \
 |in which 
 |prisoner-of-war Hogan bamboozles camp commandant Klink into shipping coded 
 |cuckoo clocks to Paris, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Brussels and Amsterdam. 
 |Unfortunately the episode doesn't mention that the clocks' time settings \
 |already OK because the Germans had imposed German time on all these \
 |areas. So I 
 |shouldn't link to it from tz-art.html, unfortunately.

All this was very much off topic.  Sorry for that.

  [1] https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elisabeth_von_Hessen-Darmstadt_(1895–1903)#/media/File:Rosenh%C3%B6he_Darmstadt_-_memorial_-_IMG_7053.JPG

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