[tz] 'Pyongyang Time' scrapped as North Korea synchronises clocks with the South

Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Wed May 9 18:53:12 UTC 2018

On 9 May 2018 at 14:46, Scott Kilpatrick <Scott.Kilpatrick at twosigma.com>

> Paul Eggert wrote:
> > The current tzdb release (2018e) already has North Korea using the same
> time as South Korea, so tzdb is already synchronized reasonably well.
> Doesn't the 2018e release have the original update for Asia/Pyongyang
> (offset changed at 00:00 on 2018-05-05) but not the later correction
> (offset changed at 23:30 2018-05-04)?

That's correct, and is why Paul said tzdb is synchronized "reasonably well"
and not "perfectly".  Since the delta is in the past now, though, it's
considered a change to past time stamps, which is not generally considered
as urgent for cutting a new release.  It will likely wait until we have
more pressing/timely changes to make for the next version.

Tim Parenti
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