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Although Ethiopia is officially in East Africa Time (UTC +3:00), the
local time used in the country adopts a different system where 6:00 AM
is interpreted as 12:00 and socially used as such.  People will see a
clock with the time at 1:30, and they will say this is 7:30.  The
local time is used by businesses in the country and by government
offices. Everyone generally does this conversion in their heads, so at
times, someone who is unfamiliar with this system can end up
inadvertently scheduling meetings for the wrong time.  This method of
time tracking was developed and maintained with the premise of
associating the clock's starting point of 12:00 with sunrise, which is
roughly taking place around 6:00 AM every day.  So East Africa Time -
6:00 is the working time used by the vast majority of Ethiopians. 
Here's an article discussing this time system:


Is it possible to include Ethiopia's local time system into the time
zone database?  If so, what are the requirements for submitting a new
time zone?  Thanks for your consideration.

Khalid Duri
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