[tz] DST in Detroit 1967

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Jul 7 08:25:09 UTC 2019

Paul Eggert wrote:
> Perhaps someone could spring the money and read all the stories in the Detroit 
> Free Press and Detroit News archives related to daylight saving time that year. 
> I expect there would be dozens of stories to wade through.

A friend got access and there were indeed many, many stories in the Detroit Free 
Press (the News was not available). It does appear that our baseball story got 
the details wrong: although Detroit indeed did not observe DST when DST started 
in 1967, on June 14 Detroit changed and started observing DST, which means the 
July baseball game in question was using DST.

Proposed patch attached. For 1967 and 1968 in Detroit, this doesn't match either 
Shanks or timeanddate.com exactly (they disagree with each other), but it does 
match the Detroit Free Press.

The situation in Michigan back then was complicated, with different towns using 
different rules even within the same county, and with federal, state, county, 
and local authorities all dueling with each other, and with some businesses 
putting up two clocks for their confused customers. It's not at all clear what 
happened in Menominee, so I left that entry alone. Apparently if one wants to 
read back issues of the Menominee newspaper, one must go to a library in Lansing 
which has them on microfilm, as the back issues do not appear to be online.
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