[tz] Lebanon DST last minute postponed, IANA not informed!

Jad Baz jadbaz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 17:50:48 UTC 2023

Dear timezone coordinators,

My name is Jad Baz, I am a software engineer from Lebanon

I just wanted to bring to your attention an issue concerning Lebanon's last
minute cancellation of DST this Sunday (March 26th 2023)

Lebanon, as part of the EEST timezone, is supposed to enter in DST this
However, this was postponed due to Ramadan
It was announced today (Thu March 23rd) by several news outlets that the
Secretary General of the Council of Ministers decided to change postpone
DST from this Sunday March 26th to April 21st

Below, you will find a few links to news articles in English from trusted
Lebanese news agencies:

I checked the latest IANA updates from March 22nd and did not find mention
of this latest development

I think this decision was taken haphazardly without much regard for how
this change will be propagated (as are most decisions in Lebanon, sadly...)

I know my question is coming quite last minute
But I'm wondering what needs to be done to save the situation as this is
causing a lot of chaos (eg airlines)

I looked at the procedures doc and initially thought that there must be
some formal communication that needs to go out from government employees
but it seems that "what the average person on street would think the time
actually is" is enough

So my questions are:
- Are the above articles enough to make this change? Or is there any other
data you need that I can help with?
- Do you expect this might be amended by Sunday? If not, what's a more
realistic estimate of a schedule?

Thank you very much,
Jad Baz
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