[UA-discuss] RIGF, small report

Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Tue Apr 14 21:07:49 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Last week, Russia held the sixth annual Internet Governance Forum (6. 
RIGF) in Moscow, a gathering of officials, business people, and other 
Web “stakeholders” to discuss Internet regulation. It was a very 
interesting and very good one-day event, held in Lotte Hotel on April 7, 
and You can check the agenda on www.rigf.ru. Small jokes in the names of 
the sessions were only the cover for very good and fruitful debates. I 
will save the best for last. J

First session was revelation for me. Called „The Bottom Up and Upside 
Down“, this session was focused on Internet governance and the influence 
of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). 
The participants included Oleg Demidov (Russia), Lucky Masilela (South 
Africa), Marília Maciel (Brazil), Parminderjeet Singh (India) and Liyun 
Han (China).

At the same time, the session called „We Share the Same Technology 
(Regardless of Ideology)“ was about the issues of the Internet of Things 
(IoT). The panel participants included Jari Arkko (IETF), Paul Vixie 
(Farsight Security, Inc.), Kaveh Ranjbar (RIPE NCC), Pavel Khramtsov 
(Netoscope) and Andrey Yarnikh (Kaspersky Lab). I skiped this one, but 
it was very interesting.

The panel titled „Your Call Is Very Important for Us“ focused on 
cooperation between the Internet business community and governments. 
Vartan Khachaturov, Alexander Shepilov, Michael Yakushev, Dmitry 
Marinichev, as well as Frederic Donck (Belgium) and Julien Nocetti 
(France) took part in the discussion. I skiped this one also, because I 
was participant at the same time on the IDN panel.

This year, registries representatives of nearly all national Cyrillic 
domains attended the forum, and on the session „Expanding the Cyrillic 
Universe“ we covered problems and challenges in the Cyrillic zone – 
participants: Mikhail Anisimov (Russia), Iliya Bazlyankov (Bulgaria), 
Pavel Gusev (Kazakhstan), Saso Dimitrijoski (Macedonia), Yuri Kargapolov 
(Ukraine), Sergey Povalishev (Belarus) and me.

But the opening session was the one that raised bunch of questions and 
even this kind of articles 

To see whole event - http://rigf.ru/en/press/?p=video

All best,

Ova e-pošta je provjerena na viruse Avast protuvirusnim programom.

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