[UA-discuss] July OSCon in Portland - Getting UA in front of developers

Edward Lewis edward.lewis at icann.org
Thu Apr 16 14:26:54 UTC 2015

On 4/15/15, 13:21, "Jothan Frakes" <jothan at jothan.com> wrote:

> Developers are going to need an entirely different resource and dialog...

Good and relevant feedback follows - yes, we have to consider the audience.

Saying that while myself not intending to attend OScon.

> The message to the developer community would be more one of awareness of
> nTLDs, resources like the IANA PSL (or even the Mozilla one), and "here's how
> you can best interact with a User Interface and not present errors for valid
> domains", TLD handling, IDNA, and other things that they'll care about.

You're right that my slides played (pandered) to the NANOG and specifically
the DNS sub-culture and is tuned to knowing what I'd be saying on stage.
But I'll point out that it seems like the links to the resources later in
the slide deck would be a key ingredient in presenting to the developer
community, i.e., the "CSV" of the class-of-2012 TLDs.

E.g., I think slide 12 (not sure if I'm referring to my as-used deck or a

¤ Want to know what TLD is coming?

Looking at the other URLs, they are focused on what operators would need to
use in NOC operations.  Perhaps there is not a lot of reusable portions -
other than the idea that developers need to get some "plain facts" about the
roll out (the chart showing the years) so they know this is an on-going
process, etc.  Beyond that, the needs of developers and code
distributors/software engineers differs from the operators.  (If you've ever
come across "devops" you'd find that unsurprising.)

> The presentation gained the benefit of your narrative, and it was designed to
> support the narrative rather than be a stand alone document, so someone
> reading that deck without the benefit of your dialog may get lost in a sea of
> insider acronyms or terminology.  I would defer to others at ICANN on the
> choice to use it, though it certainly could not hurt to have more.  I'd have
> it be a video with your narrative running through the deck to make things more
> clear if I ran the world.

Good suggestion.  Especially here when I had to cut the deck down to fit the
time allotted, so it isn't stand-alone capable.

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