[UA-discuss] [UA-International] UA Internationalization Project Group kicks off!

Mark Svancarek marksv at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 23 20:59:37 UTC 2015

Also, since IRI is a superset of IRL, the Venn diagram should probably be revised as well.

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Hi Francisco,

It is actually in scope but I can see how the chart may be misleading. I will make the color corrections.


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Hi Dennis,

I must confess I haven’t follow the discussion in detail so forgive me if I’am missing something obvious. I noticed that the chart below seems to indicate that EAI is out of scope of this WG, why is that?



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Dear Project Group members,

The Internationalization (i18n for short) Project Group is open for business!

Here are a few items to get us started.

The i18n Project Group will be focused on the IDN ecosystem as it pertains to these four major categories:

1.      Standards (i.e., IETF, Unicode, W3C)

2.      Practices (i.e. guidelines established by others)

3.      Tools (i.e., apis, programming languages)

4.      Applications (e.g. browsers, email clients, other apps)
By IDN ecosystem we mean IDNA, EAI and IRI

[cid:part3.04030203.06020804 at dukes.in.rs]

Next Steps and action items

1.      Increase membership – We don’t pretend to know it all. We need help! Please share the mailing list address to anyone who you think is interested in the subject of IDNs, EAI and IRIs. https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo/ua-international

2.      Meetings – Our first group meeting will be in the week of May 11. This will allow Dusan and I time to prepare so that we have a meaningful and productive discussion. I will circulate a doodle poll to agree on a time.


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