[UA-discuss] UA Top Issues: Welcome

Brent London brentlondon at google.com
Mon Apr 27 15:30:33 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I'll be heading up the Universal Acceptance Top Issues subgroup. The
purpose of this email is to (a) identify who will be participating in this
subgroup, and (b) find time for a kickoff call.

The "top issues" category is still a bit amorphous, and one of the goals
over the next few weeks will be to define boundaries and structure. Some of
the potential areas of focus that I've discussed with Don and Ram include:

   1. Criteria for what "UA Ready" means
   2. Assessment of current documentation and tools in this space
   3. Creating a Knowledge Base and/or Wiki
   4. Recruiting representation from large industry players

Let's figure out when to meet in order to nail down the focus for the next
two months.

*Please fill out this poll <http://doodle.com/gk5kwpfg96asm6y6> to
determine availability for an upcoming call.* I'll also use the poll
results to understand whom I can expect to be an active participant, which
will be useful for setting scope (i.e., the scope of a group of 15 is
different than a group of 3).

Looking forward to meeting,
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