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I agree with Dennis. One other point:

4. Working lunches prevent the lunch period from doubling as a break, which makes it more difficult for the later sessions to be productive.

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Hi Don,

Having a working lunch during the International session is not ideal; however I recognize the challenges of making everything fit. Then, I would suggest we move lunch to 13:15 (customary in Argentina) for 30 minutes and then start the M&M session. Another option would be to start lunch at 11:40 and extend the break for 10 more minutes, and then have the International session. Here is why:

1.       People would be busy and distracted getting lunch, so there’s no point in starting the workshop if nobody is paying attention.

2.       The people facilitating the workshop, namely Dusan and I, would have the chance to eat first and then focus entirely in facilitating the workshop.

3.       We can still do the “working lunch”, but let’s have a “core lunch” time and then the “working lunch”.

My two cents,

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A bit more news from the UASG world.

Mark McFadden has agreed to be the Project Coordinator for the Measurement and Monitoring Project Group.

There’s a UA Coordinators call coming up May 6 @ 23:00 UTC.   The UA Coordinators call is open to all to observe.   It’s a call for the Chair, Vice-Chairs and Project Group Coordinators to connect and coordinate.  Attached to this note you’ll see the draft agenda, the draft notes from the previous call, a draft program for Buenos Aires and a draft generic UA Slide Deck..  [Notes from the UA Coordinator calls will be posted to the UA Wiki once they’re subsequently agreed].  Please let me know directly if you want to listen and need access to the voice bridge.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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