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Thanks Mark.

I think this is definitely in the Community Outreach camp.  (Rich Merdinger
and Christian Dawson copied here)

They have yet to have their kick-off call, but it will be happening soon.

They are quite keen to make sure that before they go out to the community at
large that they have a clear and consistent message.


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FYI, I’m told that if we want to engage O’Reilly, we can start with Jon
Johns, O'Reilly Media
jon at post.oreilly.com <mailto:jon at post.oreilly.com>
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Hello all,


The UA Top Issues kickoff call is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, at 1:00 PM
(US-Pacific Time). For those who responded to the Doodle, I will send
calendar invitations directly, which will include dial-in information (also
attached to this email for those who'd like to join but didn't respond to
the Doodle).


Speak soon,



On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 8:30 AM, Brent London <brentlondon at google.com>
> Hello all,
> I'll be heading up the Universal Acceptance Top Issues subgroup. The purpose
> of this email is to (a) identify who will be participating in this subgroup,
> and (b) find time for a kickoff ca! ll.
> The "top issues" category is still a bit amorphous, and one of the goals over
> the next few weeks will be to define boundaries and structure. Some of the
> potential areas of focus that I've discussed with Don and Ram include:
> 1. Criteria for what "UA Ready" means
> 2. Assessment of current documentation and tools in this space
> 3. Creating a Knowledge Base and/or Wiki
> 4. Recruiting representation from large industry players
> Let's figure out when to meet in order to nail down the focus for the next two
> months. 
> Please fill out this poll <http://doodle.com/gk5kwpfg96asm6y6>  to determine
> availability for an upcoming call. I'll also use the poll results to
> understand whom I can expect to be an active participant, which will be useful
> for setting scope (i.e., the scop! e of a group of 15 is different than a
> group of 3). 
> Looking forward to meeting,
> Brent

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