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Michael D. Palage michael at palage.com
Wed Nov 4 23:00:26 UTC 2015

Hello All,


Sorry I could not switch on my audio promptly.  While I appreciate that we have a lot of real work to undertake, and that we do not want to get bogged down in minutiae I am concerned about the message we might be sending by not being receptive to these geo/linguistic centric lists.


I based this upon a conversation I had last night with a Chinese TLD client where I had to use a translator to help communicate the complexities of UA in the greater context of launching their .BRAND TLD.  The client asked if there was any UA resources in Chinese.  Sadly there are none.  My one colleague is translating Ashwin’s presentation from Dublin so he can begin to undertake their own internal audit of systems.


I know if I was forced to contribute in a list that was not my mother tongue I would feel less than comfortable. I really liked the idea of have a liaison that could  co-habitat on both lists to ensure there was no fragmentation of issues.  


So this is what I wanted to state on the call.


Best regards.





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