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Dusan Stojicevic dusan at dukes.in.rs
Thu Nov 5 00:00:42 UTC 2015

Dear Michael,

The mailing list is not the resource that Your client wanted, as far as 
I understood. He wanted papers, reports, how-to's, web pages, wiki... 
And I am all in favor for UASG to have everything on (as much as we can 
provide) different languages. Mailing list is firstly communication 
tool, and I don't see this as a good resource. Yes, it can be considered 
as a resource, but I have one practical question for You - did You ever 
tried to find particular attachment in Mailman (ICANN use this software 
for mailing lists) archive? So, I can agree on that, yes, it's a 
resource (worst of all I have mentioned), but You need time (and nerves) 
to search it.
Correct me if I'm wrong here.

You sad - I know if I was forced to contribute in a list that was not my 
mother tongue I would feel less than comfortable.
Believe me, I know the filling :)
But, it's not a case here - we are talking about UASG facilitate UA 
mailing list for community in China.
I don't see the point of that - why should we do that? Where is the 
benefit for us? Easy job is to create mailing list for bunch of them 
from the community, why they need us?
All I can think off here, and I saw that in other regions, is that they 
need third party to ORGANIZE them by creating and facilitating mailing 
list. If that is the point, I am against that.
Sure, I am guessing here and I really don't know why they need us. 
That's why I don't like for UASG to guess what is behind.


On 5.11.2015 0:00, Michael D. Palage wrote:
> Hello All,
> Sorry I could not switch on my audio promptly.  While I appreciate 
> that we have a lot of real work to undertake, and that we do not want 
> to get bogged down in minutiae I am concerned about the message we 
> might be sending by not being receptive to these geo/linguistic 
> centric lists.
> I based this upon a conversation I had last night with a Chinese TLD 
> client where I had to use a translator to help communicate the 
> complexiti es of UA in the greater context of launching their .BRAND 
> TLD.  The client asked if there was any UA resources in Chinese.  
> Sadly there are none.  My one colleague is translating Ashwin’s 
> presentation from Dublin so he can begin to undertake their own 
> internal audit of systems.
> I know if I was forced to contribute in a list that was not my mother 
> tongue I would feel less than comfortable. I really liked the idea of 
> have a liaison that could  co-habitat on both lists to ensure there 
> was no fragmentation of issues.
> So this is what I wanted to state on the call.
> Best regards.
> Michael

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