[UA-discuss] Tim Cook's comments today regarding Google Pay

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 02:47:55 UTC 2015

This email is to request comment from Brent and any Apple representatives regarding Google Pay being recently invoked by Apple CEO Timothy Cook as one of two major "buying and selling" systems within an inevitable cashless society, the other being Apple's pay system:

Timothy stated, "The next generation will not know what money is.". All members of UA and ICANN should be brought up to speed on Timothy's assertion that learning restrictions will be being applied to ICANN and the internet, so that the rest of us can know exactly how such a feat of history deletion and restrictions on the learning and conveyance of historical knowledge would be logically accomplished in such a short period of time.  For example:

1) Would older generations not be allowed to describe physical money to younger generations?  

2) What date will those conveyance and learning restrictions begin?  

3) Will UA and ICANN be forced to participate in the deletion of all photographs, records and mentions of physical money from the internet?  

4) Will libraries be forced to discard books that mention or depict physical money?  

5) Will ccwg-accountability have to add language to their proposal for the NTIA to resteict future ICANN members from using their connections to Apple and Google against other ICANN members they disagree with on a certain issues as a future intimidation tactic?

6) Is Timothy Cook asserting personal, intellectual control over the next generation of people by claiming to know, without any doubt, what they will and will not know or be able to learn about at an unspecified time of his choosing?

It is one thing to claim that the next generation will not use physical money, but to make such an assertion on what human beings will be aware of and learn about in terms of what they can and cannot learn, as Timothy made, seems to be a stretch of the imagination.  Unless of course, Brent and any Apple representatives can fill the rest of us in, respectfully, on the vague process alluded to by Timothy Cook today.  If the CEO of a major corporation can assert what humans can possibly learn about in the future, should not such an assertion be at least considered by ICANN's and UA's mission of a free and open internet for all?  

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