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Jiankang Yao yaojk at cnnic.cn
Thu Jul 28 02:01:05 UTC 2016

yes, the link provided by you is very useful.

#1Apple iPhone33% +0.54
#2Gmail16% +0.37
#3Apple iPad11% -0.49
#4Google Android9% -0.21
#5Outlook7% -0.16
#6Apple Mail7% -0.5
#7Outlook.com5% +1.74
#8Yahoo! Mail3% -0.02
#9Windows Live Mail1% -0.09
#10Windows Mail1% -0.05

Jiankang Yao

From: Dusan
Date: 2016-07-28 09:58
To: ua-discuss; Jiankang Yao
Subject: ODG: Re: [UA-discuss] Email client marketshare
Agree with You, also there are no firms from Russia... 
Just wanted to share with you as one of the sources...

Poslato sa mog Sony Xperia™ pametnog telefona

---- Jiankang Yao je napisao/la ----

thanks for the great information.

It does not include the email market in China.


each company above has more than 400 millions users. 

Jiankang Yao

From: Dusan Stojicevic
Date: 2016-07-28 02:51
To: 'ua-discuss'
Subject: [UA-discuss] Email client marketshare
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