[UA-discuss] UA Coordination Group August Call

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Sat Jul 30 20:26:10 UTC 2016

This is notice of a UA Coordination Group call on 3 August 2016 @ 23:00 UTC - our normal meeting time and place

Please note other upcoming calls:

   -          EAI Working Group - 1st week of August.  Let me know if you're running or building an EAI system and want to attend
   -          Programming Evaluation Criteria.  Currently waiting for the first draft of this to be completed.  Once this is done, we'll convene a call to go over it.
   -          UA Ready Criteria working group. Depending on the outcome of this UA Coordination Group call, if we decide to work on this, then we'll convene a call in August
   -          UA Issue Logging.  Depending on the outcome of this UA Coordination Group call, if we decide to work on this, then we'll convene a call in August.
   -          There may also be a continuation of this call if we don't get to everything.

Any questions or comments and request for speaking slots, please let me know.



UA Coordination Group

August 2016

Date: 3 August 16 23:00 UTC






Phone Only Controls :

Other numbers available by request.

August 2016

1.      Attendance/Apologies

2.      Review of June 2016 Meeting Notes

3.      Actions from June 2016 Meeting

        *         We'll develop an on-line survey on the UASG's performance and opportunities for the future.   This will probably be issued immediately at the end of the UA presentation in Helsinki - Only just started

*         Unicode Conference in Santa Clara November 1 - 3.  Possible inclusion in the Breaking All Barriers section.

4.      UA @ ICANN56

5.      Current Projects Update
        *         UA Use Case

      o   Do we include an emoji.TLD Use case?

*         Browser Review

*         Programming Language Frameworks Review & Mitigation

      o   Criteria

      o   Reviews

      o   Mitigation

*         White Paper

*         IETF/Unicode Consortium

*         Website Evaluations

*         IDG CIO Executive Council

6.      Current Document Review
        *         UASG003 - Revision of UA Fact Sheet

*         UASG011 - FAQs

7.      Potential Projects
        *         Problem Logging

*         UA Readiness Criteria

*         UA Readiness Automated Evaluation Tool(s)

*         UA in the Internet Industry

*         University Lectures - UA & EAI

*         M3WAAG Membership ($1,000 - not for profit, but ICANN is already a member)

*         UA Conference

*         Whack-a-mole?  How to engage the North American and European CIOs?

8.      EAI
        *         Group Creation

*         EAI Ready Evaluation Criteria

      o   Client

      o   Server

*         EAI Readiness Evaluation Project

      o   Criteria for inclusion in the evaluation

*         Quick Guide to EAI

9.      Communications/PR Activities
        *         Local Outreach

      o   Australian Pilot

*         Case Studies

*         Analyst Briefings

10.  Events
        *         Face to Face Meeting

*         Program for India

11.  Administration
        *         Procurement Processes

*         FY 15/16 End of Year Results

12.  AoB

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