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Just for your knowledge,  all your replies land in my spam folder too.   It is a normal Gmail account

Seems there is something to be set with your outgoing server.



Hazem Hezzah


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Well, now, this is ironic! (Read to the end)


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On 2/8/2017 10:08 AM, Dr. AJAY D A T A wrote:
> Asmus.. which would mean that you will not treat all domains (ascii / 
> non-ascii) same thus not UA ready.
> Am I missing something ?
Correct; in order to keep my forum free from spam, I'm merciless.
The forum is for owners of a particular item that was manufactured in 
the US and sold mainly there, but also in significant numbers in Brazil. 
Copies are known to exist in Germany, Italy, Guam and Australia. It is 
not impossible that isolated owners may be found in other locations, but 
it would be exceptional.
Every once in a while, the forum gets hit by spammers. So far, they are 
invariably linked with certain countries that do not overlap with our 
user base. That makes filters based on location / country / language / 
script really attractive (and effective).
We do not have the volume that allows us to run a Bayesian filter with 
any success. We are moderately active forum, which means that even one 
active spammer able to register can dominate; we found that all the 
standard deterrents (such as captchas) have unacceptable rates of leakage.
So, I'm sad to say, for this particular case, there's absolutely no 
upside to Universal Acceptance.
(At least not until my user base starts registering domains with emojis  
:) ).
PS: actually, I'm not particularly happy with this, because other than 
surviving spammers, there's no good reason to close off access.
> *Dr. Ajay DATA* *| Founder & CEO *
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> *Subject: *[ajay.uasg at data.in] Re: [UA-discuss] Spam Filtering
> *Date:* 08 Feb 2017 11:27:42 PM
> On 2/8/2017 9:31 AM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> >  On Wed, Feb 08, 2017 at 04:47:52PM +0000, Andre Schappo wrote:
> >> Recently I tested sending email from my DataMail 小山 <mailto:小山@电邮.在线> @电邮.在线 to
> >> some people on gmail. Mostly they report that my email to them goes
> >> into their gmail Spam/Junk folder. I deduce that the gmail spam
> >> filtering software is treating chinese/unicode email addresses less
> >> favourably than ascii email addresses.
> >  That seems like a leap. How many of those people speak Chinese
> >  natively?
> >
> >  Most spam systems are Bayesian and have been taught to look for
> >  patterns that match other spam. Everyone who has taught gmail to
> >  recognize "Han in the headers == spam" will have to un-teach it that.
> >  I don`t know about you, but since I`m not a native user of Han
> >  characters I have certainly taught my spam filters such rules of
> >  thumb.
> >
> >  A
> Precisely. As a forum admin, I would cheerfully ban all non-ASCII
> e-mails for
> registration, because my user base is not world-wide, but the spammers
> are. Only reason I am not doing that today, is that the software doesn`t
> know about non-ascii e-mails yet :)
> A./
> .
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