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Edmon Chung edmon at registry.asia
Mon Feb 27 08:32:52 UTC 2017

Whatsapp group seems to work well... in some of the other groups I am on.





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I run a couple of LinkedIn groups.  My experience is that LinkedIn is a terrible host for groups. It is hard to administer, and lacks good features.  And, with any new group, you have the issue of informing people it exists, and persuading people to join it.

I think you have a good idea to move our message beyond this email list. We should take it to where the people are who need to hear it.

Another possible way to achieve that is to identify existing groups, which already have the people we want to reach. We could join those groups, and add our ideas to their discussion.
      --Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada


On 2017-02-24 00:47, Jean (Jovenet Consulting) wrote:

Do you think it makes sense to create a LinkedIn group on Universal Acceptance? 


The idea is to "spread the message" without this group to be a poor copy-paste of what already is in this discussion list.


It took me years to bring the new gTLD group to 2,500 members so this project makes sense if there is participation. Now: what is participation?



1.	Does it make sense to create such group
2.	What should the purpose of this group:

1.	Post announcements of recent updates from https://uasg.tech/ ?
2.	Post examples of use?

3.	Which guidelines? (I'll make this simple)
4.	Will you participate?

Happy to receive feedback on this idea.





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