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Thanks for taking the time to explore this. I find it interesting and worth replicating.

The Japanese search term (based on Google search results) points to UASG’s 005 (Japanese version) and a JPRS webpage about UA.

I wonder if there are other localizations of the term “universal acceptance” that are being used in other parts of the world.


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"Completing the Internationalization Equation" is a phrase I coined a few weeks ago. Basically it involves considering for some X whether X is fully internationalised and, if not, making it, if possible, fully/further internationalized ie completing the internationalisation equation.

WRT to UA I consider this involves integrating UA into the much broader context of Internationalization of the internet.

There are simple actions we can all individually take to complete the internationalisation equation. There are many opportunities to complete this equation. There will be opportunities I have not thought of.

Let me give you an example of something I did recently.

I looked at the Alexa stats alexa.com/siteinfo/uasg.tech#trafficstats<https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/uasg.tech#trafficstats> for uasg.tech<http://uasg.tech> and discovered that one of the top keywords from search engines was, and still is, at time of writing, ユニバーサルアクセプタンス. This is "Universal Acceptance" written in Japanese Katakana. I then made a connection with twitter. If you look at twitter.com/ICANN/status/1106344430053650432<http://twitter.com/ICANN/status/1106344430053650432> you will see I replied with the hashtag #ユニバーサル・アクセプタンス. I used a slightly different form to the Alexa listed keyword. I separated the two words with the Katakana middle dot.

Another simple method for completing the equation is for those of you that have your personal name(s) in both romanised and native script forms then use both forms in your emails to this list.

Any other thoughts for how the internationalization equation can be completed?

André Schappo

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