[UA-discuss] Completing the Internationalization Equation

Mark W. Datysgeld mark at governanceprimer.com
Sat Apr 6 16:33:32 UTC 2019

Do we have such a resource available? A style guide for how to write common project terms in other scripts/languages?

That would be helpful.
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On April 3, 2019 3:20:41 PM GMT-03:00, "Tan Tanaka, Dennis via UA-discuss" <ua-discuss at icann.org> wrote:
>Thanks for taking the time to explore this. I find it interesting and
>worth replicating.
>The Japanese search term (based on Google search results) points to
>UASG’s 005 (Japanese version) and a JPRS webpage about UA.
>I wonder if there are other localizations of the term “universal
>acceptance” that are being used in other parts of the world.
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>Subject: [EXTERNAL] [UA-discuss] Completing the Internationalization
>"Completing the Internationalization Equation" is a phrase I coined a
>few weeks ago. Basically it involves considering for some X whether X
>is fully internationalised and, if not, making it, if possible,
>fully/further internationalized ie completing the internationalisation
>WRT to UA I consider this involves integrating UA into the much broader
>context of Internationalization of the internet.
>There are simple actions we can all individually take to complete the
>internationalisation equation. There are many opportunities to complete
>this equation. There will be opportunities I have not thought of.
>Let me give you an example of something I did recently.
>I looked at the Alexa stats
>for uasg.tech<http://uasg.tech> and discovered that one of the top
>keywords from search engines was, and still is, at time of writing,
>ユニバーサルアクセプタンス. This is "Universal Acceptance" written in Japanese
>Katakana. I then made a connection with twitter. If you look at
>you will see I replied with the hashtag #ユニバーサル・アクセプタンス. I used a
>slightly different form to the Alexa listed keyword. I separated the
>two words with the Katakana middle dot.
>Another simple method for completing the equation is for those of you
>that have your personal name(s) in both romanised and native script
>forms then use both forms in your emails to this list.
>Any other thoughts for how the internationalization equation can be
>André Schappo
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