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Jay Daley jay at techobscura.com
Fri Aug 9 22:49:51 UTC 2019

Hi Mark

> 3.  Offer developers a small amount of money, say $500 to motivate them to change their code.  If we spent $1m on that I would regard it as a good investment. 
>   Marksv>>> We don't know how to do this in the ICANN system due to contractual complexity.

That was raised and the alternatives I suggested were 1) to pay someone to submit patches to as many projects as possible along with any reasonable ‘patch processing fee’ or 2) pay someone to run a compliance bounty programme. Both of those are things we can contract out. 

> 4. Approach GitHub and others to run a ‘make your code compliant’ month where they promote our instructions directly on their site and to their users. 
>   Marksv>>> I approached GitHub on another matter and they basically told me that it wasn't a priority.  I figured I would take another run at them soon.  This is a better idea than what I suggested last time. 

I suggested that we pay them to do this to make it a priority. 

>> As for resources, I truly wish we could spend more of them on code changes, but we've never been able to find enough subject matter experts willing to do the work for us at any price.
> This really surprises me. I for one have offered and I’m sure there are others equally or better qualified than me.
>   Marksv>>> Based on your response, and others, I may be misinformed about this.

Thanks, good to know. 

Kind regards 

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