[UA-discuss] [UA-EAI] [Ext] Re: UA-EAI WG charter

John Levine john.levine at standcore.com
Sat Aug 10 01:02:24 UTC 2019

In article <B71902F5-E139-40C5-BC8D-9DAA6507FCA9 at techobscura.com> you write:
>Hi Mark
>> 3.  Offer developers a small amount of money, say $500 to motivate them to change their code.  If we spent $1m on that I would regard it as a good investment. 
>>   Marksv>>> We don't know how to do this in the ICANN system due to contractual complexity.
>That was raised and the alternatives I suggested were 1) to pay someone to submit patches to as many projects as possible along with any reasonable ‘patch
>processing fee’ or 2) pay someone to run a compliance bounty programme. Both of those are things we can contract out. 

I proposed a bounty program and ICANN said no.

See https://eaibounty.standcore.com/


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