[UA-discuss] Enabling factors for UA (was Re: [UA-EAI] [Ext] Re: UA-EAI WG charter)

Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile chaals at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 16 10:40:43 UTC 2019

On Wed, 14 Aug 2019 13:44:39 +0200, Marc Blanchet  
<marc.blanchet at viagenie.ca> wrote:

> But I would take your point and build on it. If we find some  
> organisations who have big impact and can convince them to create demand  
> for UA, then we could have what your are looking for...Maybe we can look  
> from this point of view. Cost (almost zero) and probably have much  
> higher impact than a big marketing campaign to create strong demand for  
> UA support.

In any event, creating an expensive marketing campaign to develop demand  
for something we assert is useful seems a bit backwards.

It is true that it is important to let people know they *can* ask for some  
things, like EAI. But I agree that it is reasonable to let the demand grow  
because people see examples and want that too, rather than trying to sell  
it to them...


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