[UA-discuss] [UA-Measurement] Request for review: Report on Evaluation of Websites for Acceptance of E-mail Addresses, 2019

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue Jul 16 22:44:44 UTC 2019

On Tue, 16 Jul 2019, Mark Datysgeld wrote:
> A bit of a changelong: John's EAI issue has been addressed;

Thanks for the update, but I regret to say that your test of the domain's 
MTA while sort of interesting, tells you nothing about whether the site 
you tested could actually send mail to the address you entered.  Sites 
that sign up large numbers of people use CRM or e-commerce software which 
sends the mail through a specialist provider like Salesforce or Mailchimp 
or Sendgrid, so it depends on that provider's EAI support.  The server you 
tested is for the company's office mail.

The only way to see if the mail works is to get far enough in the signup 
process that it sends a message to the address you entered, which I 
realize is more than you're funded to do.  But to get real useful results, 
that's what we need in the future.

> Marc: We don't know the legality of making the website data available, and I 
> don't feel very inclined to take another swim at ICANN Legal's pool. Perhaps 
> the leadership can set this consultation as a goal. We handed the csv of the 
> results over to them.

Yeah, dealing with legal is usually a losing battle.

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