[UA-discuss] [UA-Measurement] Request for review: Report on Evaluation of Websites for Acceptance of E-mail Addresses, 2019

Mark Datysgeld mark at governanceprimer.com
Wed Jul 17 03:59:16 UTC 2019


I am confused. I got these statistics from a test you ran yourself in 
April following up on a request made by Don. From your e-mail: "Of those 
[domains] I found MXes for 862 of them, and 414 of the domains had mail 
servers that support EAI. As you can see from this summary, 85% those 
have mail hosted at gmail, 10% at Microsoft."


On 16/07/2019 19:44, John R. Levine wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Jul 2019, Mark Datysgeld wrote:
>> A bit of a changelong: John's EAI issue has been addressed;
> Thanks for the update, but I regret to say that your test of the 
> domain's MTA while sort of interesting, tells you nothing about 
> whether the site you tested could actually send mail to the address 
> you entered.  Sites that sign up large numbers of people use CRM or 
> e-commerce software which sends the mail through a specialist provider 
> like Salesforce or Mailchimp or Sendgrid, so it depends on that 
> provider's EAI support.  The server you tested is for the company's 
> office mail.
> The only way to see if the mail works is to get far enough in the 
> signup process that it sends a message to the address you entered, 
> which I realize is more than you're funded to do.  But to get real 
> useful results, that's what we need in the future.
>> Marc: We don't know the legality of making the website data 
>> available, and I don't feel very inclined to take another swim at 
>> ICANN Legal's pool. Perhaps the leadership can set this consultation 
>> as a goal. We handed the csv of the results over to them.
> Yeah, dealing with legal is usually a losing battle.
> Regards,
> John Levine, johnl at iecc.com, Primary Perpetrator of "The Internet for 
> Dummies",
> Please consider the environment before reading this e-mail. https://jl.ly

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