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Hello Sarmad & UASG Leadership

When members of UG entreaty call for amendment in charter with a provision of nominations and their after elections for WG chair, it is been articulated that this decision will remain on leadership only and no changes were accepted in charter. But in point of fact what we are witnessing here in UASG WG’s is specific group of members are nominating desired candidates against charter terms even when no nominations are been called from others about chair choices. I do agree that Mark is a good candidate for chair because he emanate from germane contextual but I am flabbergasted why he didn’t shared his intention to chair the UA EAI WG in past two weeks and shared a Statement of Interest on the UA EAI mailing list, why suddenly others have to step forward to nominate him? Do UASG charter allows prevailing comrades of leadership to be chair of any WG? Don’t we have more germane contextual comrades in UASG Working groups who emanate from similar backgrounds?


Fariz Ahmadi

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>> I would like a good, effective chair, so I nominate Mark Svancarek. Mark
>> is good at meetings, able to communicate effectively with all kinds of
>> people, and he gets things done.
> I recommend Mark Svancarek as a chair too. If this WG needs co-chair, I would love to continue to be a co-chair and support chair's work.
> Jiankang Yao
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