[UA-discuss] [UA-EAI] Cancelling Meeting of UA-EAI tomorrow

Arnt Gulbrandsen arnt at gulbrandsen.priv.no
Tue Sep 10 08:01:13 UTC 2019

I'm not UASG leadership but will answer the point that relates to me:

On Tuesday 10 September 2019 08:06:47 CEST, Fariz Ahmadi via UA-EAI wrote:
> why suddenly others have to step forward to nominate him?

Perhaps I misunderstood. I interpreted Sarmad's mail as saying that no 
candidates had stepped forward, and a meeting had to be cancelled. Does 
that match your understanding? It sounded like an oops to me, so I 
nominated someone, and specifically I nominated a person I consider 
excellently suited to the task.


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