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Hello Yao,

I envisage you are not cognizant, Ashish Modi is no more with Xgenplus and
UASG community according to his last communiqué, Dr. Faisalal Hamar for
further information I recommend you to get in touch with Aajay Data.


On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 12:03 PM Jiankang Yao <yaojk at cnnic.cn> wrote:

> Hello,
>   I think that you can contact Ashish Modi copied for further information.
> ------------------------------
> Jiankang Yao
> *From:* Drfaisalal Hamar <drfaisalal_hamar at outlook.com>
> *Date:* 2019-08-31 17:41
> *To:* ua-discuss at icann.org
> *Subject:* [UA-discuss] Help Wanted
> Hello
> I came to know about the adoption of email on IDN domain names in Indian
> Police forces in local language, is Mr. Sharat Kaviraj here in our group if
> so please send me DM else can anyone please connect me with him, I want to
> know more about this initiative of universal acceptance and adoption of EAI
> done for 100k police official’s, will be a great help for helping our
> forces also we want to do something in this line in Arabic.
> Thanks
> Dr. Faisalal Hamar
> <https://www.indiatechonline.com/it-happened-in-india.php?id=3425>
> Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot (centre) launching Rajasthan Police
> Advanced Communication Systems & RajCop App in Jaipur
> *XGenPlus helps Rajasthan cops with advanced communication system
> <https://www.indiatechonline.com/it-happened-in-india.php?id=3425>*
> *Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched an  advanced
> communication systems at Police Head Quarters in Jaipur whereby  nearly
> 100,000 policemen of the state would now be empowered with digital radio,
> policemail with email Id: police.rajasthan.in <http://police.rajasthan.in>
> and police.rajasthan.bharat  (in hindi ) and a messenger carrier through
> Rajcop Mobile App.*
> The Policemail on Rajcop App and communication solution has been designed
> and developed by Jaipur based IT company *Data Xgen*, brings  a fully
> controlled communication service to the force.
> Says *Sharat Kaviraj*, Deputy Inspector General (Communications),
> Rajasthan Police: “ New and advanced communication systems including email
> service would bring in efficiency. These solutions would help us in
> communicating urgent matters to concerned personnel. Our earlier email
> service was officially controlled and but policemail would be controlled
> fully by the individual policeman.  The entire police force of the state
> has now been equipped with new communication solutions.”
> “We have tested the entire process for a couple of months. Today, the
> Chief Minister officially launched our new communication systems.
> Policemail would be highly secure as all data will be stored in our own
> server, hence there would not any threat of data theft or cyber attacks
> through email,” he added.
>  “The launch of efficient and secure communication systems, powered by
> XgenPlus, is a testimony to India’s domestic capabilities. XgenPlus
> provides technology solutions for secure and efficient enterprise email
> services along with other communication solutions. With the successful
> launch in Rajasthan today, we are hopeful that the new system can be scaled
> up across all states for fully controlled, secure and indigenously
> developed communication solutions,” said *Dr. Ajay Data*, CEO and
> Founder, Data Xgen  Dr. Data is also Chairman of the Universal Acceptance
> Steering Group of ICANN- the international internet body.
> With the policemail, Rajasthan Police has essentially provided  official
> mail IDs (in English and Hindi),  which he can opened a  desktop or Rajcop
> App and send messages.
>  Through the message carrier feature, Police personnel can create their
> own group and include other personnel in that group by their SSO ID and can
> chat by sharing text, photos, video, etc. A secure group of all district
> police officials can easily be created.
> Rajcop App has unique features in terms of security, ease of use and
> access. Some features are first in the country.  Senior officials and IT
> experts feel that in this digital era, having a secure and fully controlled
> communications systems developed indigenously would go long way in creating
> a strong digital infrastructure for the country.
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